Saturday, November 3, 2007

TFS Build Lab 1.0 Released

UntitledTFSBuildLab 1.0 is released on CodePlex.  

This is a project to simplify the day to day operations when using automated builds on TFS.

This project handles common Team System issues such as:

  • Continuous integration builds
  • Scheduled builds
  • Build queuing
  • Event notifications
  • Manual and automated build cleanup

What features included in V1.0:


  • Automatic rescheduling when adding new scheduled trigger.
  • A report for displaying statistics from the triggers and retention policies.
  • Support for overriding build script parameters both for CI and queued builds.
  • Support for only deleting the build drops.
  • Support for configuring retention policies based on build quality.
  • Performance improvements by introducing caching

Admin Client

  • Added feedback when deleting multiple builds.
  • Support for forcing reaching on the server.
  • Support for overriding build script parameters on queued builds.
  • Support for overriding build script parameters on triggers.
  • Added range parameters when listing log entries to limit the result data.

Checkin Policies

  • Removed the need for TfsBuildLab when using the restricted paths policy.
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