Thursday, November 15, 2007

Team Foundation Server 2008 Installation Problems

I just installed Team Foundation Server 2008 and I got couple of errors during installation. Even I had followed the installation guide to the letter, I got some errors:

  • Error 28905: WiDbLoc: Could not list of fields to localize from the database. Clicking Retry wasn't the appropriate workaround...I found this post and I understand that after I changed SQL Server's TCP/IP status of the enabled, I didn't restart the SQL Server service. Restart it and the error disappeared.
  • Setup Error 28100: Failed to load EventService proxy object: Requested registry access is not allowed.  Do not interrupt the installation! Thanks to Xenopz Blog I found the workaround to fix it.  Execute:

C:\Program Files\Common Files\Microsoft Shared\web server extensions\60\BIN>stsadm -o addpath -url http://localhost/Reports -type exclusion

The virtual server that is referenced here is not in the config database. After starting the sptimer (execute "net start sptimer" on the command prompt) and restarting IIS, the installation continued without problems.

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