Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Rosario Preview #4: Tester Edition

Visual Studio Team System Code Name "Rosario" Test Edition provides new functionality that lets you easily create, manage, edit and run manual tests. Read about manual tests here.

The new Tester Edition is great that address the needs of the UI testers.  This post is a preview of the main features in this edition.

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Planning a Testing Effort

Camano Icon on desktopCamano is a standalone application that allows users the ability to author, plan and manage a testing effort from a simple UI specialized for displaying test artifacts.  Planning a testing effort gives you the ability to manage your manual testing efforts and report on your progress. By using this functionality, you can create test plans that show what you plan to test for a specified period of time. Also, you can create test configurations that specify the test environments for your tests.



Camano's main window


Test Case Planning


Test Suite

The manual test cases you create are associated with a specific team project. You can add test steps, validation steps, and parameterized data to the manual test case.

You organize the manual tests into test suites, and then you create a test plan to define which test suites will be run on specific test configurations. You can select the tests you want to run from the test plan.


Executing Manual Test Cases

When you run a manual test, you can optionally make a video recording of the test case. You can add comments, screenshots, and other files as you run the test. If the test fails, you can create a bug. This bug is automatically populated with any of the following information associated with this specific run of the test case:

  • Test steps

  • Validation data

  • System information

  • Video recording

  • Screenshots

  • Log files

  • Action log


Because this functionality is integrated with the other parts of the Visual Studio Team System, you can publish the results to your Team Foundation Server.



Automate a manual test & add validation

Suppose we asked to convert the test into a coded UI test that can run in un-attended mode, we can generate the code from the background recording & then adds validation code using Visual Studio:


Create new UI Element


Adding validation code


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