Saturday, April 19, 2008

Rosario Preview #2 - Team Build

This is the second post in a series about April CTP of Rosario's.

Team Build System Based on Windows WorkFlow Foundation

The new Team Build system in Rosario built on Windows Workflow Foundation, featuring dynamic build machine allocation from a machine pool and distributed build functionality.


New Term - “Build Controller”

In Rosario, Team Build uses an agent/controller architecture where the controller is responsible for managing a pool of agents. Notice the notion of “Tags” which let you define metadata for a build controller/agent. Then you can target your builds at agents/controllers that have a specified tag.

Controller that hosts a build execution is the pool of build machines where the build will run. Additionally, the workflow that comprises your build process will run on both the controller and the agent with coordination activities occurring on the controller.

No doubt, Rosario's Team Build introduce interesting issues especially the support in WF - it seems that most of the problems in the area of custom task(s) can be handled by this issue. I'll check it out and post about it later.


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