Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Announcing Visual Studio Team System 2010

Published on My VSTS KB

Microsoft has officially named the Visual Studio Team System Code-name 'Rosario' suite of tools to "Visual Studio Team System 2010" in an announcement on 29-Sep-2008.  They have also posted information on MSDN and Channel 9.

The 2010 release will be a huge step forward for the tools in the ALM space. The new architect tools look great, the build system will be improved, the tools for project management will (finally) get support for hierarchical structures, test management... The list just goes on and on...

The complete announcement can be found here.

And Brian Harry of course has some more to add about this in this post.

Here are some links to the announcements, feature sets, goodies and articles:

Brian Harry also posted also that there would be another CTP this fall.

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