Wednesday, August 27, 2008

TFS SP1 – Whats New? Want To Know Camano?

The Israeli ALM user group is back! I’m proud to be one of the 2 managers of this user group - my colleague is Sarit Tamir.

Next meeting (8 September 2008, 17:30) will be focused on the new features that were delivered with VSTS 2008 SP1 and the new Power Tools. We will also introduce the new testing suite (Camano) that will be shipped with the next version of TFS – Rosario.

Shahar Bracha will talk about Visual Studio Team System Power Tools which enables us better usage and ease when working with TFS.

During his session we will go over the new Power Tools and Service pack features  (such as: Web access enhancements, notifications support,  build, folder mapping and much more…)

For our second session, Eran Ruso will go over CTP 12 of Rosario in general and focus on Camano, a new standalone testing suite in Rosario.  Eran will also describe his experience as part of the first group that uses Rosario and Camano in production environments.

About the lecturers:

Shahar  is the ALM Manger at SRL Group, specializes in Microsoft technologies with an emphasis on the Team System, .NET framework and Web application architecture.

Eran  is a Senior Consultant at SRL Group, specializes in QA methodologies  and testing lifecycle.


I’ll be happy to meet you there!



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