Wednesday, March 12, 2008

VSDB 2005 Service Release 1 (SR1) Rollup Package 1

Visual Studio 2005 Team System Database Professional post Service Release 1 (SR1) roll-up package 1, is now available.

Problems that are fixed:

  • Inconsistent revalidation of database object definitions when you close and then reopen a Visual Studio database project
  • A database project cannot be deployed if the project contains interdependent inline functions
  • If you use a four-part name to reference a table, you may receive an incorrect syntax exception
  • Database Professional Interpreter does not handle the "sp_executesql" parameter correctly
  • In a Visual Studio 2005 database, you cannot import a schema that was created by using the SQL Server 2000 compatibility mode
  • Error message when you use Design-Time Extensibility (DTE) objects: "Do you want to reload"
  • Cross-database references cause slow performance when you load a project
  • Schema Compare crashes the Visual Studio IDE when databases contain different versions of assemblies
  • Schema Compare does not correctly generate the update script for a stored procedure
  • The schema script is not generated when triggers or views that have the same name exist
  • Error message when you build a deployment script: "MSB4018: The 'SqlBuildTask' task failed unexpectedly"
  • After Schema Compare obtains the latest project files from Source Control, Schema Compare indicates that databases are different

For more details, see knowledge base article KB941278.

You can download the roll-up from the Microsoft Connect site at:

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