Saturday, December 1, 2007

VSTS Web Access Power Tool for Team System 2008 released

Today Microsoft released the final version of the Team System Web Access (TSWA) 2008 power tool!  Team System Web Access provides a web interface to Team Foundation Server 2008.

Here's a list of feature changes (the release also included bug fixed).

(List from Buck's post)

  • New direct links: Previously, you could construct a direct link to a work item (http://mytfs:8090/wi.aspx?id=123).  Now you can also construct direct links to more features, and the direct links no longer open the main TSWA page, making them more responsive.  Keep reading to find out how to use them.
  • Performance improvements: The code now uses server memory more efficiently, resulting in increased performance.
  • Custom work item controls: First introduced in the CTP, MS continued to refine support for custom work item controls in TSWA.  To take advantage of this feature, you'll need to implement web versions of your existing custom controls.  You'll find documentation for it in the SDK folder underneath the folder where you install TSWA.  The following examples have been added since the CTP, in addition to the samples for checkbox, a work item picker, and a multi-value selector.
    • How to validate a work item on the client-side (Javascript)
    • How to validate a work item on the server-side
    • How to design a control whose field depends on the values of other fields
    • How to design a control that changes other field values (such as the WI state) and saves the work item
  • Team Build 2008 support: Also introduced in the CTP, you can view the build queue and queue new builds, which are features that are new for TFS 2008.

Full details you can find at Buck's post:


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