Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Google Presentation

Posted at Maor David's blog:

Google updated recently their Applications suite with the addition of Google Presentation. It was added to all of including Google Apps For Your Domain, which I also use.

Nice things in this application

  • It looks just like PowerPoint!
  • Great Revisions support - many copies are saved all the time, so you'll never lose anything.
  • You can start a presentation then give folks a URL and they can join up and watch.
  • Upload a PPT .
  • You can chat about the presentation being watched.
  • Save as a ZIP file. They'll create a "self-contained" ZIP with a single HTML file and the assets you need to run the presentation using any browser.

But there also annoying things:

  • No spellcheck support.
  • Can't link to pictures online, have to upload.
  • No animations, shapes, auto-layouts, wizards, etc.
  • Very basic. No PowerPoint-like experience on the web.
  • JavaScript errors.
  • You can upload PPT, but you can't Save As PPT.

    Nice application but I think I'll wait to the next versions.

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