Wednesday, June 6, 2007

Brent Carlson's Presentation

My company, SRL, organized yesterday very interersting presentation which delivered by Mr. Brent Carlson, CTO and co-founder of LogicLibrary, on "New methodologies and governance in SOA implementation".
The event focused on explaining how to avoid SOA becoming ABOS (A Bunch Of Services), by managing (governing) the process of creating those services and making sure the organization re-uses it's pre-existing resources.
It is common known that we we need a solution that enables enterprises to understand what assets exist, where they’re located and how each fits into a company’s business and technical landscape.

So, how can we satifty this need? ....Mr. Carlson introduced LogicLibrary's solution: Logidex application, with which the governing mentioned above can be done. It seems this is relevant to very large organizations, not medium and small companies.

Maybe I didn't understand him well , but I had the feeling that Logidex sees TeamSystem only as Source Control repository and expect to get other inputs from other applications (Like defects management system etc.). I came back home very confused and I prommised my self to investigate this issue more deeply.

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